Evergreen Vision & Mission

The vision of Evergreen a United Neighbourhood is strong people living in a healthy and safe community.

The mission of Evergreen is to enhance the capacities and mobilize the strengths of the people living in the Simpson-Ogden neighbourhood.Together we work to create a vibrant, prosperous, inclusive, resilient, healthy and clean community.


  • 2011 Inaugural Crime Prevention Award for Outstanding Community Project
  • First neighbourhood association in Thunder Bay
  • Installed first mural on Simpson Street
  • Annual Fall Festival and Career Fair
  • Movie nights , youth sports activities , skating at Minnesota Park
  • Winter Carnival
  • Walking Night Club
  • Working with property standards to remove derelict buildings in area
  • Safe needle disposal boxes with the City and Superior Points-first in Ontario
  • Funded agency of the United Way of Thunder Bay
  • Installed solar lighting in area lane ways
  • Officially adopted Minnesota Park
  • Positive media coverage
  • 2008 Local Heroes Award from the Canada Urban Institute

Linda Bruins

Speed Campaign & Mayors Awards 139

Executive Director, Community Hero

Linda Bruins continues to revitalize our community while keeping her focus on the most-important aspect: the people. The always-smiling Executive Director of Evergreen A United Neighbourhood has built a reputation for working with people of all ages and from all walks of life, moving everyone toward a common vision – strong people living in a healthy and safe community. “I felt overall, we’ve always had a good community, but with safety issues,” Bruins said. “I’ve been aware for a long time, growing up in the Simpson-Ogden neighbourhood, that we need to support one another.”

“Everybody wants to help,” she said.

Evergreen a United Neighbourhood, a neighbourhood association serving the Simpson-Ogden neighbourhood, has become a huge success, but it’s not the only initiative Linda has embraced as she works to make Thunder Bay a safer, more-vibrant place to live. She’s also a board member at the PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise, where she uses her entrepreneurial experience to help women start or grow their own business. She has received numerous prestigious accolades for her tireless support of Thunder Bay and its people, including a 2012 Good Citizen Award from the City of Thunder Bay, and a 2012 June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism from the Ontario government. Perhaps most importantly, Linda has proven to be a valued and trusted friend and ally to those she works with. One such colleague notes Linda is “always there when we need her, is a great listener, and is kind and supportive to everyone she works with.”

Other awards

  • 2008 Local Heroes Award Urban Leadership
  • 2010 Paro Volunteer of the year at the Women of Distinction Awards
  • 2010 Woman of Distinction at the Women of Distinction
  • 2011 Illka T. Ovaska Award for Social Responsibility through the Bay Credit Union
  • 2011 5 year Volunteer Service Awards for Paro Centre for Women’s Enterprise by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
  • 2012 Outstanding Community Project at the inaugural City of Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Awards
  • 2012 June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Volunteerism (to Linda Bruins)
  • 2012 Good Citizen Award – City of Thunder Bay to Linda Bruins2014 Community Hero Award to Linda Bruins Mayors Community Safety Awards
  • 2014 Paros top 20 in 20 years award

Evergreen a United Neighbourhood Policies